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"Markus Heukelom" <> wrote:
> > (One of these days, I really have to get rid of this 
> > philosophical hat of mine.)
> Well - as some say "A philosopher has a problem to every solution" ;-)
> (Btw, wearing my philosophical head: is "whatever you're doing, there is a
> better way" not true in general?)

I was half-expecting this, hehe. Of course, there's always a better way.
It all depends on how you define "better" and how much resources you are
willing to throw at a problem.

Shift "better" and you have a whole new world. Get loads of money (or
more GHz, DRAM, whisky, ...) and you have a whole new world.

I just couldn't suppress my relativist urges when I read Stefan's
"absolute" remark. As we all know, absolute statements are always

cheers  thomasl

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