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> I think it's high time to start planning for a 2008 Lua workshop
> and I am volunteering to host it at George Washington University in
> Washington, DC.

Very nice offer! Thanks!
When do you think it'd be a good time?

Washington, DC is good for us. There are even direct flights from Rio!
Our only concern is that some people in the Lua community seem to have
problems with going to the US and so would prefer Europe or even South
America. (We still hope that Rici Lake and Mike Pall will show up for a
Lua Workshop some day.) :-)

Anyway, thanks again for the offer. We're right now getting ready for
HOPL III and then we'll be busy with the Gems. So, could we postpone the
decision to say October, assuming you mean to hold the workshop after
June 2008?

In any case, you're on the organizing committee for 2008!