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>> PS. This list should have a proper FAQ (is there one already?)

I'll borrow this thread and rename it because it got me interested. ;)

Here's the two Lua FAQs that come up on top of a google search:

Let's just say "it's a start" but there could be much much more! Looking
back at my personal history with Lua i wish there had been an extensive
Lua FAQ. From compilation issues under Win32 through performance of
local vs. global variables to the dreaded Direct3D FPU flag - this is
the kind of stuff you would want in a Lua FAQ.

I suddenly have a high urge to start collecting resources for the FAQ
right away. For two reasons, for one it is a great learning experience,
secondly because i was painfully missing it back when i was experiencing
the odd bits of Lua. But first i want to read what the list members have
to say about writing a "real" (ly good) Lua FAQ? What should be covered
and what not (consider Lua Gems)?

Take as an example and for comparison the Python FAQ and the Perl FAQ

In any case, if this is going somewhere, count me in. I'd love to do
this kind of documentation for the language i love. :)