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Jérôme Vuarand wrote:
2007/5/21, Steve Heller <>:
I can't seem to get the luafilesystem library to work.
No matter what I do, I get a popup message that says
"The application has failed to start because
lua.5.1.dll was not found. Re-installing the
application may fix the problem." When I click "OK", I
get the following:

How did you build lua and lfs ? What version of Lua and lfs are you using ?

It seems that your lfs.dll is looking for lua.5.1.dll, and your lua
dll has a different name (probably lua5.1.dll or lua51.dll). To fix
the problem you can either create a special forwarding dll called
lua.5.1.dll that will forward all calls to your dll (whatever its
name), or you can rebuild lfs and/or lua to have them use matching dll

Alternatively, if you didn't build lfs.dll yourself, ask someone else to build it with the proper dependency.

To everyone else following this thread:

Though I've read about library naming woes before, I'm not sure a solution was agreed upon. If not, this should happen ASAP. This problem has the potential to bother a lot of new users. Since most of them just download a binary distribution of Lua and some binary modules to go with it, I don't think we can expect them to create forwarding dll's or recompile those modules.

 - Peter Odding

PS. This list should have a proper FAQ (is there one already?)
PPS. Someone should write a bot that watches the list and auto-replies with a FAQ entry to obvious problems that have been discussed endlessly already :)