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Peter Odding <> wrote:
> Though I've read about library naming woes before, I'm not sure a solution was 
> agreed upon. If not, this should happen ASAP. This problem has the potential to 
> bother a lot of new users.

Agree 100.001%. It may sound ludicrous, but this library mess was the
first (and actually most problematic) stumbling point when I tried to
get Lua up and running on my Windows box. Simplest solution was to
abandon all binaries and make my own exes and dlls, but many people are
not willing or able to do that.

> PS. This list should have a proper FAQ (is there one already?)

Plus every second day or so a bot should post a message with either
"RTFM" or "UTSL" or "!" in the subject line...

> PPS. Someone should write a bot that watches the list and auto-replies with a 
> FAQ entry to obvious problems that have been discussed endlessly already :)

Who needs a bot?! We have our very own lhf;-)

cheers  thomasl

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