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	Hi duck (and others)

> I would be most grateful if the standard distro could be updated (I'd
> call it fixed, as you can consider this a bug IMO :-) so that the mode
> field returned by lfs.attributes() is a table of strings, not just a
> single string. (For backward compatibility, perhaps another field could
> be added to the table for this additional data.)
> It's not possible (that I can see) with lfs to enumerate all links in
> a file system -- because any symlink to a directory is always identified
> as "directory", and never as "link". (The mode2string function returns
> as soon as it sees S_ISDIR() is true, and this is tested before S_ISLNK().
	I checked the definitions of those macros:

/usr/include/linux/stat.h:#define S_ISREG(m)    (((m) & S_IFMT) == S_IFREG)
/usr/include/linux/stat.h:#define S_ISDIR(m)    (((m) & S_IFMT) == S_IFDIR)
/usr/include/linux/stat.h:#define S_ISLNK(m)    (((m) & S_IFMT) == S_IFLNK)

	So, despite our implementation (which return as soon as it sees
a true flag) using these macros will not solve the problem.  Also, we
have to change `stat' (which follows the links instead of informing them)
to `lstat' (which provides informations about the links)
( For reference, the man page says:

       The following flags are defined for the st_mode field:

       S_IFMT     0170000   bitmask for the file type bitfields
       S_IFSOCK   0140000   socket
       S_IFLNK    0120000   symbolic link
       S_IFREG    0100000   regular file
       S_IFBLK    0060000   block device
       S_IFDIR    0040000   directory
       S_IFCHR    0020000   character device
       S_IFIFO    0010000   FIFO
	I think we could use macros as those above, but changing the
`==' by `&'.  Don't you agree?
	Anyway, I propose that `lfs.attributes(path).modes' (note the
new name `modes' instead of `mode') should return a table as a set:
	link = true,
	file = true,

	What do you think?