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I'd like to know if anyone would be against changing the current
default Lua paths in Windows.

The current default assumes that both the Lua executables, libraries
and the C modules go to the same directory (/), while the Lua modules
go to the /lua directory.

What about changing this to a slightly different structure:

/ (lua5.1.exe, lua5.1.dll etc)
/lib (C modules such as lfs.dll)
/lua (Lua modules such as mime.lua)

If this change does not impact anyone, I'd ask to the Lua team to use
the new setting as soon as Lua 5.1.3. This would make at least both
Kepler and LuaRocks easier to setup in Windows since the corresponding
LuaBinaries would be compiled with this new luaconf.h.

If someone is already counting on the use of "/" on package.cpath,
maybe we could make 5.1.3 look for C modules in  "/" and then in
"/lib"? And maybe on Lua 5.2 we could remove the "/" from the C
modules path.