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Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions! I think for now I will go with the script
preprocessing using string.gsub in the interest of expediency at the
cost of elegance. However at some point I would like to use a proper
lexer; thanks for the pointer, Peter, I didn't know about your code.

Another option would be token filtering, but that is something of an
arcane art to me at this point. :-)

For the curious the application here is a constraint satisfaction
solver, and these asserts are littered all over the inner loops. So any
unnecessary overhead, even a function call that would avoid constructing
the strings, is undesirable. I'm not trying to directly compete with C
here, but any performance I can squeeze out is most welcome...

Thanks again for your suggestions everybody.
- David

On this day of 05/10/07 06:08, saw fit to scribe:
>> I want to keep them around in the source so that I can use them
>> for debugging, but I'd also like to turn them off to make things as fast
>> as possible (I am testing something for performance).
> Preprocessing your scripts is one option, but have you considered the following (untested):
> function assert(cond, ...)
>    if not cond then error(string.format(...), 2) end
>    return cond, ...
> end
> This should avoid most unnecessary string construction/concatenation. Are you worried this will still impact performance? As David suggested, another option is CPP
> #define assert(cond, ...) if not cond then error(string.format(__VA_ARGS__), 2) end
> The only pitfalls here (that i know of) is that CPP doesn't respect Lua's long strings (as Roberto mentioned) and outputs line directives, which you either need to suppress with a command-line option or strip using something like sed "/^#/d".
> Yet another option, a lot safer than a generic preprocessor like CPP, is using an actual Lua lexer to strip the assert's. See for example ltokens[1] or my lexer[2]. Though this would require you to write a few lines of code :)
>  - Peter Odding
> [1]
> [2]
>> The manpage for assert() here says that defining NDEBUG before
>> #including assert.h will make assert()s vanish.  I believe this to be
>> pretty standard.
> That would never work. He's talking about Lua source-code. If you were to include assert.h in a Lua script using CPP, it would produce garbage output.