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On Thu, May 10, 2007 8:08 pm, Diego Nehab wrote:
> Take a look at dispatch.lua and check-links.lua.  Not sure how
> this would interact with COPAS, but might be worth it a try.

For my application, I don't really need COPAS, so I dropped it and used
dispatch.lua. It seems to do what I want and so far works correctly. It
will also fit in better than COPAS with my own coroutine scheduler. I have
a feeling that dispatch and COPAS can not work together, but I might be
missing something.

It seems it really is very important to require dispatch as early as
possible. The following seems to work correctly:


Whereas this didn't patch socket.protect early enough (socket.http makes
private local copies of socket.newtry and socket.protect):


(P.S. I configured this webmail client, so quotations should now be
correctly attributed and my name should be in the mail headers. I noticed
my earlier messages were somewhat lacking in those departments.)

Juri Munkki