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--- Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:

> Doug Rogers wrote:
> > Like both of you, I have neither the time nor the
> inclination to dig
> > deeply into Emacs to get it working perfectly.
> Yes, it raises the
> > Emacs window after each debugger command, but
> under Linux I have
> > focus set to the cursor, not to the top window, so
> it is acceptable
> > for me. I haven't found a way to do that under
> Windows. Does anyone
> > out there know of a way to have focus follow the
> cursor without
> > raising the window to the top?      
> You can instal the Tweak UI PowerToy from Microsoft
> website. When
> installed, in the section Mouse, subsection X-Mouse,
> check the
> "Activation follows mouse (X-Mouse)" checkbox. You
> have as additionnal
> option auto-raise, and a delay before activation in
> milliseconds.

Thanks, but unfortunately the mouse goes to the emacs
window automatically when I step the debugger. I
wonder if there's a way to tell Windows that I don't
want the mouse to move unless I move it myself.

> There's probably a way to do it without installing
> the PowerToy, with a
> registry entry. Check google for "windows" and
> "X-Mouse".