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Version 5.1.2 introduced a problem when using which was not present in 5.5.1.

There was a change made in response to a bug I had earlier reported about an error being reported if was called with an empty string.

Previously, the string supplied to was passed to strftime in one piece.

Now, breaks up the supplied string by looking for %x and calls strftime for each individual item.

However this breaks the behaviour as described in the Reference Manual, that the date is "formatted according to the same rules as the C function strftime".

Depending on which system you run "man strftime" you get slightly different information, but the gist is that:

"Some conversion specifiers can be modified by preceding them by the E or O modifier to indicate that an alternative format should be used.". For example, "%Ec, %EC, %Ex, %EX, %Ry".

Unfortunately the new coding does not allow for the optional letter between the % and the format specifier.

I also had the idea in my head that you used to be able to do something like this: ("%#I")

This is supposed to drop leading zeroes. In fact, the MSDN documentation for strftime mentions exactly that.

I suggest that you do one of:

* revert to a single call of strftime (which would make the function behave as documented "like strftime"), handling the case of an empty string as an exception; or

* allow for modifiers "E", "O" and "#" between the % and the format specifier; or

* modify the documentation to make it clear that only %x is supported without something between the % and the x - in other words, remove the reference to "the same rules as ... strftime".

- Nick Gammon