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Hello everyone,

I am trying to get LuaSoap ( working in Lua5.1.

The first batch of errors trickled down to needing to recompile LuaExpat specifically for Lua5.1 and not compat-5.1.
But now I am having trouble with LuaSoap's use of LuaSocket.

I am admittedly new to Lua and especially new to modules, so bear with me.

Here are the steps I've taken so far:

In soap/http.lua, the first require is

My download of does not have any .lua, .dll. or folders named luasocket,
so I changed this to:

which caused this error:
.\soap/http.lua:10: attempt to index field 'http' (a nil value)

line 10 is:
local post =

so I changed the require to:

which caused this error:
.\soap/http.lua:20: attempt to call upvalue 'post' (a nil value)

Here's where I'm stuck.  I do not see a 'post' method defined in any of the .lua or source code for the
version of LuaSocket I have.  am I overlooking something?  are my attempts at editing require statements
way off base?  or do I have the wrong LuaSocket?


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