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Paul Hudson wrote:
> I am new to compiling modules for Lua.  I am in the same boat as
> Ashutosh. 
> I need LuaExpat for Lua 5.1 (Win32).   I have compiled the HEAD
> version from the CVS 
> I try to:
> require "lxp"
> and get this error:
> error loading module 'lxp' from file '.\lxp.dll':
>     The specified procedure could not be found.
> Can someone give me some specific info on what this means?  do I have
> files in the wrong folders?  is my luaconf.h incorrect? etc... 

Jerome Vuarand wrote:
>It means that luaopen_lxp functions is not exported from your lxp.dll
>file. How to do that depends on how you built lxp.dll. As the function
>is not defined with __declspec(dllexport) nor has any *_API macro in
>front of its definition, you need to build the dll using the provided
>lxp.def file. Here again how to use it depends on how you compile lxp.
>With Visual C++ for example, you have to add the option /def:lxp.def to
>your link command.

Thank you so much Jerome.  That appears to have worked perfectly!


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