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Compile LuaExpat with the that's included in the package (first edit it to point to the correct folders):

nmake -f

It links lxp.dll with an lxp.def file that exports luaopen_lxp (so you do not need __declspec(dllexport)).


On Apr 26, 2007, at 2:37 PM, Jerome Vuarand wrote:

Paul Hudson wrote:
I am new to compiling modules for Lua.  I am in the same boat as
I need LuaExpat for Lua 5.1 (Win32).   I have compiled the HEAD
version from the CVS

I try to:

require "lxp"

and get this error:

error loading module 'lxp' from file '.\lxp.dll':
    The specified procedure could not be found.

Can someone give me some specific info on what this means?  do I have
files in the wrong folders?  is my luaconf.h incorrect? etc...

It means that luaopen_lxp functions is not exported from your lxp.dll
file. How to do that depends on how you built lxp.dll. As the function
is not defined with __declspec(dllexport) nor has any *_API macro in
front of its definition, you need to build the dll using the provided
lxp.def file. Here again how to use it depends on how you compile lxp.
With Visual C++ for example, you have to add the option / def:lxp.def to
your link command.