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Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:

> Thomas Lauer wrote:
> > is almost 100% an error, so a warning might be appropriate... if the
> > compiler could warn.
> I doubt most users would want a warning in regular script run, so I 
> suppose we should get a flag to run scripts in a special warning mode, 

Of course. Warnings are for developers, not for the regular use of an
app. In fact, your next point...

> Or, perhaps, to have a lint for Lua (Lualint? Luint? Luaint? Lintua? 
> Lintlua?), to avoid clutering regular lexer with such stuff.

is a rather good one. I just love the Lua lexer/parser combo as it is:
small and efficient. The thought of cluttering this with a warning
system is not an especially attractive one.

A lint4lua (to throw in yet another moniker) or even an extended luac
(with a few checking and warning options) might give us the best of both
worlds: the fast and uncluttered compiler on the one hand and a more
thorough AST-like offline check of the sources on the other.

I briefly looked into the Yueliang sources (definitely a promising
start) but I just don't have the time right now to do something with
them. Time's always of the essence:-)

cheers  thomasl

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