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Thanks to Gerhard Sittig we now have a much better documentation for LuaForge available on its wiki. The wiki is temporarily located at
but will be moved to the domain as soon as we stabilize things there [1].

Looking for some details today about the GForge issue tracker, I've found a very impressive documentation for GForge 3.0 online: intro.html

Yes, that would have helped a lot everything, but you know Google is and how the important results keep insisting on very special queries... :o)

Anyway, the point is that now we have an excellent source for the LuaForge documentation details that Gerhard hasn't had the time to fill. Obviously the task is huge for a single writer so I'd like to ask the list for help us on this.

If more people can join the documentation effort on the LuaForge wiki, we could use that GForge 3.0 documentation, adapt it for LuaForge and generate an equivalent mass of details that would certainly help every user, specially the new ones.

To do that I'd suggest using the wiki documentation page:
where I've created a page for each of the sections on the GForge 3.0 documentation. There each of the contributors could just choose one section to convert, click on the link and start writing.

In order to not overlap efforts, when you choose a section, create a stub page just to let it clear that someone is already working on that section. If you change your mind during the convertion, please let we know that the section is no more active and so another contributor can continue from there.

It may take a while to cover all the sections, but having a resource like the one we now have will certainly make a difference.

While I couldn't find any references to the text licence, I don't think we will be doing anything that wrong by converting the GForge documentation as long as we give credit to the source. If someone thinks that this is just me being naive please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help on this and thanks again to Gerhard Sittig for the help with the documentation.


[1] this does not involve that many changes in LuaForge but details in Sputnik, a wiki developed by Yuri Takhteyev using Kepler.