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On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 03:37:58PM +0100, Robert Raschke wrote:
> My take on the "let's have more operators" is that it is so much
> better to rethink a bit of code if you're finding it to be ugly.  Real
> beauty comes through the design of the solution, not through clever
> syntax.

Are you suggesting redesigning code to avoid having to use the expression
"ItemCount = ItemCount + 1"?  That's terribly basic, and it seems like you'd
have some contrived code if you tried to avoid it.

(Incidentally, I'm not quick to suggest new operators, and have argued
against operators like integer divide in the past.  But when I find
myself groaning so frequently at the lack of an operator that every other
language I use supports, I start to think again ...)

Glenn Maynard