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Additionally (and I liked Jérôme's notion that things may need to be re-repeated):

Suggested C token filter approach would still be an important step further from the current patching model. Patching is stabbing the patient, making surgery. C token filters is like giving eye glasses to him. And the patient can wear multiple eye glasses if needed... ;)   (stopping the analogy before it hits a wall)

Meaning: extendability and layerness in the lexer is a good thing, whether made in C or in Lua.  This seems like Lua 6.x to me... 8)


Fabien kirjoitti 14.4.2007 kello 12:08:

On 4/14/07, Jérôme VUARAND <> wrote:
Customizable syntax would make Lua the perfect
replacement for *any* custom or domain specific language. It would
make Lua the default solution to many programming problems.

The syntax is already quite customizable, although the parser sources could bear more comments, if customizability was an official goal. The novelty with token filters, metalua or whatever other compile-time framework is that they allow to do this in Lua rather than in C, thus making it much easier and opening more possibilities.