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> > Ultimately, a core level serializator could create pure bytecode
> > runnable as such on the same version Lua core. Now it goes like data ->
> > string -> transport -> parser -> run -> data.
> > This will become worth considering if the use of multicore Lua starts to
> > fly.  And on the other hand, having "furiously fast" serialization would
> > maybe help it do so.
> Like most additions to the language, I think this will require sample
> implementations created by the interested parties. Every now and then
> the Authors spring something on us out of the blue, but most of the time
> such things are discussed in depth, including sample implementations.
> Anyone up for the challenge? Alas, I am not.

Actually, I had been working on this for a while, until I got distracted.
It's not at all finished but it works in many cases.
If anyone wants to try it, get it at

All comments welcome. But be warned that there is no documentation and no
comments in the source...