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You asked for opinions on your GnuStep Foundation Classes / Lua bindings project -- I say hooray!

I know a few other software engineers that I work with that will welcome the project as well and look forward to using the GnuStep Foundation classes in Lua.

BTW, our latest development platform of choice is a Mac OS X host with a Linux guest running in "Parallels", and using Xcode IDE, Objective-C, NextStep/GnuStep, and Lua (among other things). Cross-platform development on Mac OSX (BSD Unix on MacTel) and deploy on embedded Linux targets. -- So we are kindred spirits with you and your efforts.

Linux guest on Mac host:
Mac Xcode cross-platform IDE:


// Brian

Asko Kauppi wrote:

I'm starting to craft a GnuStep Foundation classes binding to Lua. This will indirectly compete with (cover the same area) as the POSIX modules discussed here a while back. The reasons I am doing this:

- Foundation is native on OS X, so it's kind of close to my heart :)

- Foundation is supported (via GnuStep) on Linux, Win32 and more so it's portable

- The APIs are stable, tested and well documented

- I just finished reading an Objective-C book, which has clear samples

This email is but a pre-warning that the work is proceeding, and perhaps a gentle query for opinions from people who're interested to follow by. The module will be available for any Lua 5.1 and I'll be making a fink package out of it. No exposure to Objective-C will be required in order to use it!

Cheers, and Happy 2007 to You All!  :)