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Believe it or not, my first professional job as a programmer was programming in Snobol -- a formal pattern matching language. So I welcome the addition of LPeg, which follows in the formal footprints of Snobol.

I was hired as a high school grad in the summer of 1978 to write Snobol programs to translate (or pre-process to the extent possible) source code from IBM machines to the new DEC System 20 / TOPS-20 OS machines for a large company that was making the IBM to DEC transition. So I had to write Snobol programs that translated from IBM Algol & Fortran language patters to DEC Basic & Fortran language patterns. DEC had just released a new "Structured Basic" with module support.

Bravo, Roberto for LPeg -- I'm experimenting with the design of a "Design Patterns" formal language that will need an LPeg / Snobol-like underpinning.

An old hacker, but a Lua List newbie,

// Brian

On 12/27/06, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
I am releasing a prototype of (yet) another pattern-matching
library for Lua, called LPeg:

Because the library is rather unconventional, all things in it are
experimental (even its name).

Unlike most pattern-matching libraries, LPeg is not based on regular
expressions, but on Parsing Expression Grammars (which in turn are based
on TDPLs, a technique using top-down parsers with limited backtracking
developed in the 70s):

Have fun!

-- Roberto