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Thomas Hafner wrote:
Jimmie Houchin <> wrote/schrieb <>:

But it is quite a challenge to search and find the community
contributed libraries. I think it would be wonderful if the
community would select and bless certain libraries as standard. Make
them available for the various platforms compiled and ready to use.

The libraries do neither have to be standard nor do they have to be
already compiled: look at Perl's CPAN. In the CPAN shell you can
search for a package, fetch/install/build/test it, and all
dependencies will be resolved automatically (i.e.: if you install a
package A version V which depends on another package B version W, the
latter will also be fetched/installed/built/tested automatically -
just having requested A is enough).

Standard or blessed is not required but can be beneficial. But as far as compiled I disagree. I cannot use Luiz's libraries on my Windows machine at work. But I can use them at home. Why? Because at work I have no C compiler and at home I do. Compiling for the OSes that binaries are a common prerequisite should have compiled binaries available. It should not be expected that a person who seeks to use an interpreted language have a C compiler. If there are not you automatically excluding certain users. Just my opinion.

I know nothing about CPAN, but I do know what prevents me from using something.