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Jimmie Houchin <> wrote/schrieb <>:

> But it is quite a challenge to search and find the community
> contributed libraries. I think it would be wonderful if the
> community would select and bless certain libraries as standard. Make
> them available for the various platforms compiled and ready to use.

The libraries do neither have to be standard nor do they have to be
already compiled: look at Perl's CPAN. In the CPAN shell you can
search for a package, fetch/install/build/test it, and all
dependencies will be resolved automatically (i.e.: if you install a
package A version V which depends on another package B version W, the
latter will also be fetched/installed/built/tested automatically -
just having requested A is enough).

The software part of the CPAN infrastructure is a Perl-Module
( Has anybody already written a corresponding Lua module so
far? I think that would be a good start towards development and
acceptance of further Lua modules.