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"Peter Odding" <> wrote/schrieb <000801c72ae4$24e0a280$0602a8c0@peterlaptop>:

> Note that Lua doesn't have network support. You'd need an external
> library like LuaSocket for that. Or use something like wget. Not a
> problem per se. I would certainly welcome a CPAN like service for Lua
> :)

That's almost how Perl's CPAN does it (quote from CPAN module

| The CPAN module is designed to automate the make and install of perl
| modules and extensions. It includes some primitive searching
| capabilities and knows how to use Net::FTP or LWP (or some external
| download clients) to fetch the raw data from the net.

But admitted, a minimal Perl installation provides TCP/IP support,
which is not the case for Lua.