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I am maintaining the lua51 package on 'fink', which I'd suggest you have a look, and will be bringing most if not all LuaX modules reincarnated onto regular Lua 5.1 packages within spring 2007.

What we're awaiting next, is really LuaRocks, which should actually deliver what both LuaCheia and LuaX tried.  Too many names, I know, but this is the Way of the Open Source. Like it or leave it...  Things take time.

So, hang there some more, or participate on the work.

% sudo fink install lua51

Michael Manti kirjoitti 25.12.2006 kello 20.23:


I'm looking to use Lua for the sort of scripting that one might use bash, Perl, Ruby, etc. for. I installed the MacPorts version of Lua 5.1 with no problem, but the library support is rather spartan. I've downloaded source distributions for LuaCheia and LuaX, but I quickly ran into problems compiling them. (Is LuaCheia still active, btw?)

Is anyone out there using Lua as a standalone scripting language on Intel Mac OS X? If so, would you be willing to share tips on how to set up a workable system for doing so?


Michael Manti