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Le mer 27/12/2006 à 01:37 Norman Ramsey à écrit:
> Le mer 27/12/2006 à 00:18 Jimmie Houchin à écrit:
> > I think it would be wonderful if the 
> > community would select and bless certain libraries as standard.
> > Make them available for the various platforms compiled and ready
> > to use. ...
> > What do the long time Lua users think? 

I do not consider myself as a long time lua user (I'm here since summer
2005) but I would really apreciate having such blessed libraries.
Because when you want to use a C library, often you don't really have
the choice and you have to write yourself the glue code. In fact,
it's because of lua that I really learned programming in C :)

> (Also, it would help to have some sort of 'luadoc' to make libraries
> self-documenting.) 

I agree on this documentation part. And it does not have to be written
in the language (as in python and docstrings). For example in some of
my modules, I have a help() function that return a help string of the
function you pass as parameter.

For example in my shell module (allows you to inspect lua tables with
metatables ... showing them as a filesystem and giving you some on the
unix commands) there is a help function :

> return require("shell"):help("exit")
Usage: exit
Usage: end
Exit the shell


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