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On Wed, 2006-12-27 at 00:18 -0600, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> But it is quite a challenge to search and find the 
> community contributed libraries. I think it would be wonderful if the 
> community would select and bless certain libraries as standard. Make 
> them available for the various platforms compiled and ready to use.

Agree! It could be blessed in the way the the official lua developers
take the lead. Set up a link on front web page (or some where else, very
visible) "here you find the standard libs we are working on".

> I am not a C programmer or use Lua embedded.

I do know some C programming. If there was a "blessed" set of standard
libs, I would definitively spend some time in making it work.

> The libraries need help. Some of them exist. But 
> they need packaged together, compiled and standardized.
> Am I wrong? What do the long time Lua users think?

I agree with you. There was a discussion about a standard lua filesystem
lib some time ago. (there are 3, 4 with overlapping functionallity out
there). luaposix, luafilesystem, ex.

> What can we, the Lua community do to achieve a better future for Lua?
> for programming?

Yes, What can we do to help to get a standard library framework?