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Le mar 26/12/2006 à 22:25 Rici Lake à écrit:
> On 26-Dec-06, at 9:40 PM, Mildred wrote:
> > My compilation commands :
> >
> > $ g++ -g -shared luamod.cpp -llua -lm -o
> > $ gcc -g testlua.c -ldl -llua -lm -o testlua
> My guess is that you're ending up with two instances of liblua. That 
> won't work.
> You don't mention whether liblua is or liblua.a, but
> assuming the latter, I think you need to use the following:
> g++ -g -shared luamod.cpp -o
> gcc -g testlua.c -Wl,-E -ldl -llua -lm -o testlua
> -Wl,-E passes the -E flag (--export-dynamic) to the linker, which
> makes symbols in the executable visible to dlopen'd shared objects.

Thanks a lot. I thought about it but I didn't knew that is was possible
to export symbols that way. But I thought liblua was required for the
module and the linker would complain about symbols not found. But that
is not the case.
Thank you again for this quick answer. I'll see if it compiles.


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