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(I feel a little bad continuing this OT-ness, but this one couldn't be
passed up.  :)

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 04:21:54PM -0500, Aaron Brown wrote:
> Rici wrote:
> >I was just in a grumpy mood.
> As long as we're complaining! -- 

> --
> Aaron
> Beginning Lua Programming:
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I'd say attaching ads to your mails (on lists or otherwise) is among the
worst mail offenses.  (The fact that it's your mail provider that's
doing it doesn't matter; you choose to use them ...)

Incidentally, I don't mind the Lua book ads so much, since they're
genuinely relevant (though I'd suggest just one link, and on one line)--
but the Messenger ad isn't.

Glenn Maynard