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I've made a quick binding for Lua for FUSE. FUSE is a linux library for
creating filesystems in userspace. See for
more info.

The example lua script exports _G to a read-only filesystem :

$ ls
_G/		 gcinfo        math/	    printf    setmetatable
_VERSION	 getattr       module	    rawequal  string/
arg/		 getfenv       newproxy     rawget    table/
assert		 getmetatable  next	    rawset    tonumber
collectgarbage	 io/	       os/	    read      tostring
coroutine/	 ipairs        package/     readdir   type
debug/		 load	       pairs	    require   unpack
dofile		 loadfile      path_to_obj  select    xpcall
error		 loadstring    pcall	    services
fuse_functions/  luafuse/      print	    setfenv

$ cat _VERSION 
Lua 5.1

$ ls package/
config	cpath  loaded/	loaders/  loadlib  path  preload/  seeall

The package can be downloaded at