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On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 02:31:05PM -0500, Rici Lake wrote:
> >
> >probably assumes that if there is a fancy html version of the mail, you
> >would prefer to see that, and respond to it, but maybe you can change
> >its opinion!
> Unfortunately, I can't change the opinion of the mailserver which 
> stores my email

If you mean that you can't tell your system not to view HTML by default,
that's a problem on your side, though, as long as plain text is being
sent as well.

> and html mail just bulks up the mailfiles.

You could filter out HTML versions out (if you can't, that's also a client
problem, though a more forgivable one).

I'm not defending HTML mail--I hate it, too.  Sending HTML copies of
mails seems pervasive enough that I think trying to fix it by asking
individual users to turn it off one by one isn't going to make a dent,
though.  I think it's useful to ask people who send HTML *only* (without
plain text) fix their mailers, but if I can only convince each person
to fix one problem with their mails, I'd pick top posting ahead of
HTML-copies ...

(I don't hate HTML mail so much for the space waste--that's minor compared
to the mail attachments I get.  I hate it because people who actually use
it seem to be under the impression that everyone reads their mail on a white
background, and that they have a free license to change my font properties.)

Glenn Maynard