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2006/11/27, David Given <>:
I've just noticed that a website called appears to be mirroring the
Lua mailing list (and a couple of others I'm on).

Interesting. Their Terms of use are bogus: "You grant Nabble a license
to republish and sublicense the publication of your content in whole
or in part and in any form. ... Except for your own content, you may
not copy or republish Nabble's collection of posts or any portion of
the collection. ... You may not republish a forum or any significant
portion thereof. You may not use software programs to extract data
from Nabble or use any automated means of using Nabble or extracting
information from Nabble. You may not collect names, user names, email
addresses or other data related to individual Nabble users, and you
may not collect demographic information on Nabble users as a group or

And they can only be reached through their support forum. :-(