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On 11/17/06, Asko Kauppi <> wrote:

Just nag the LuaForge people, they do have in plans to open svn hosting.

I have to use (partly) cvs in my current project, and it beats me,
why Anyone any more would stick with that. Don't. :)

It's like pre-alpha svn, sorely missing essential features (s.a. file
rename) that svn has for granted. Archaic. **shivers** ;)   Perhaps
it's good for Perl coding.


CVS is inferior to SVN in almost all aspects except for one: CVS uses
human readable ASCII text files for storage while SVN uses binary
By pocking around in the CVS repository and directly renaming/editing
files I can do anything SVN does and more. I admit, it is ugly but for
those of us who used CVS for years before any alternative became
available, CVS repository hacking became "natural" act in some strange