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Asko Kauppi wrote:
I did. And started thinking something else, thinking oh boy the Brazilians will reduce soooo much.. ;)

You did what?



Gavin Wraith kirjoitti 9.11.2006 kello 16.50:

[...]  Has
anybody thought about looking at them through the
other end of the telescope? [...]

- A: Because such messages are hard to read and understand...

- Q: Why top-posting is bad?


Of course, my first question is rhetorical (no need to answer it), I just wanted to express my confusion upon reading a message which apparently answers some unknown previous message.

Some people don't top-post, but just remove any reference to the answered message, which is even more confusing! Threading messages can help, of course, but I prefer reading messages chronologically.

Now, I am probably just an (not so) old grumpy that finds that old posting rules (mailing lists, newsgroups) make sense... Fighting mills.

Philippe Lhoste
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