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Yes, this tool is wonderful!  Thank you Glenn!

Has it been published in the Wiki?


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[] On Behalf Of Ivan Kolev
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 3:42 AM
Subject: Re: VC2005, autoexp.dat - examine the Lua stack in the debugger

Many, many thanks for this. I thought these visualizers required writing
some special .DLL-plugins to work, which I wouldn't do. And I used only the
very limited AutoExpand. But with the visualizers debugging is a new
So many thanks both for the description link and for your work on Lua
visualizers. Definitely a worthy addition to the Wiki.


Glenn Maynard wrote:
> VC's autoexp.dat allows custom visualizations for data types in the
> watch window.  A good description is at:
> Add a lua_State* to the watch window, and see the current stack,
> with most basic types.  Tables show metatables; string contents
> and numbers are shown; inside a C closure, upvalues are listed.
> One really nifty thing it does is resolve pointers, so you see
> the real names of C functions.