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On 6 Oct 2006, at 11:38, Philippe Lhoste wrote:

Andy Stark a écrit :
Just been to the Tiobe website:-
...and their headline for October is "Lua enters the top 50."
In case you haven't heard of this before, it's an index of the most
popular languages as determined by the number of web resources available.
Lua has been hovering somewhere in the top 100 for a while now (with
roughly the same prominence as things like Boo and Dylan) but it has now
entered the main list at number 50.

Well, from Google Code Search point of view, Lua is in the top 33, since it is in their list of 33 supported languages: Ada, ASP, Assembly, Basic, C, C++, C#, Eiffel, Erlang, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Lex, Limbo, Lisp, Lua, Makefile, Mathematica, Matlab, Objective C, Perl, PHP, PostScript, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Shell, Smalltalk, SQL, Tcl, Troff, Yacc

I don't see Icon in the above list, I just have read the easy tutorials on this language, it is nice.

Oh yes, everyone should learn Icon. More power to your coroutines! Icon's generators are a nice idea to have in a language and once you've mastered them in Icon you can bring the ideas back into your Lua programs with coroutines.

I am not sure what they call "Logical Languages". A quick search shown mostly links to artificial (non-programming) languages, like Loglan and Lojban.

Prolog and Mercury I should expect. Mabye there are others, I'm not familiar with these languages.