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>>I think you forgot to test "binary-tree" which is available in
>>neko/src/benchs. I get the following results : Neko is 5.2x faster in
>>interp an 12x faster in JIT.
> No, I didn't forget it. But the Neko version 'forgets' to
> allocate the leafs of the trees which account for half of all
> allocated objects. Comparable, that isn't.

The implementation was based on OCaml version which doesn't allocate a
block either for leafs. But anyway I modified the program to perform
allocation and walk on each leaf, so it should now be "comparabl". I get
the following results now :
4.2x in -interp, 8x in JIT

Neko interpreter should run better on your machine than mine, since GCC
does better job at allocating important registers than MSVC.