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Nicolas Cannasse wrote:
> > On the few semi-comparable benchmarks I tried, Lua easily beats
> > Neko -interp. And LuaJIT beats the hell out of Neko JIT (between
> > 2x and 6x slower).
> Could you give more informations ?
> - which benchs (with sources)
> - which OS/configuration

The sources for all the Lua/LuaJIT benchmarks are at:

Since there are only three comparable benchmarks written for
Neko, I could only test these. Results from a P4 running Linux:

Lua runs recursive, fannkuch and nbody 1.5x, 1.3x and 2.4x faster
than Neko -interp. LuaJIT -O is 3.8x, 1.9x and 5.6x faster than
Neko (JIT).

Try to implement the missing benchmarks in Neko and compare
yourself. mandelbrot, partial-sums and spectral-norm are easy. ;-)