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> Since there are only three comparable benchmarks written for
> Neko, I could only test these. Results from a P4 running Linux:
> Lua runs recursive, fannkuch and nbody 1.5x, 1.3x and 2.4x faster
> than Neko -interp. LuaJIT -O is 3.8x, 1.9x and 5.6x faster than
> Neko (JIT).

I think you forgot to test "binary-tree" which is available in
neko/src/benchs. I get the following results : Neko is 5.2x faster in
interp an 12x faster in JIT.

Also, I added nsieve which is 1.2x faster in JIT mode. I'm runing on

As for recursive and nbody, these two benchmarks are both measuring raw
floating point calculus, which is faster in Lua for reasons I explained
in the VM comparison document. I would have expected fannkuch to be
faster in Neko, will have a look at improvements.