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On 9/27/06, Gavin Wraith <> wrote:
In message <>
you wrote:

> I have been following Ruby-talk mailing list/Usenet group for several
> years. They have few very useful things there.

Leo, did you mean that last sentence above, or did you mean to say
"They have a few very useful things there"? Just as a point of
English, the two sentences carry opposite implications. What you said
implies the list is not useful. Insertion of "a" implies it is

I am sorry. I was typing away far too fast to concentrate on the
precise meaning of my words. What I had in mind is the following:

Ruby mailing list is a succesfull online community and their mailing
list has several interesting features that can be useful  in the case
of Lua.
* Unique numeric and unmangled message ID that can be used anywhere
including search engines. To be contrasted with Lua's unique message
ID that can be used only within certain select archives
* Usenet/Mailing list gateway that increases visitibility of their
community and provides alternative archiving/searching possibilities
(e.g. Google groups)