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Bastardization contains:
         - non-equality operator != along with ~=
         - and, or, xor, shl, shr bit operators: &, |, ~, <<, >>
           and appropiate metamethods: __and, __or, __xor, __shl, __shr
           BUGS: probably broken on negative values
         - __strhook for userdata-to-lua string masquerading (see README.strhook)
           BUGS: better dont use it at all :)
Great idea!  Maybe you can get it to work within Lua's string
functions (or maybe I'm being a little optimistic).  Main use (for me)
would be regular expression search/replace operations (ex: gsub).
Modifying a Regexp library might work... (ex: posix regexp)... If my
current project's performance reqs require it.. i may implement
this... or at least some subset...

         - Rici's pseudo values in assignments, ie:
           a, b, c = $+1, $+1, $1+$2 is expanded to: a, b, c = a+1, b
+1, a+b
           This is very useful if you've long expression to modify as
           tab[key].increment[y],tab[key].decrement[y] = $+1, $-1
Yet another great syntactic sugar boost!  I usually cache the
intermediate table in a local...

Merged Asko Kauppi's power patches:
         - do patch: Makes "= do ... end" be syntactic sugar for:
                 "= function() ... end" (handy with simple callbacks).
         - continue patch
         - literals patch (hex, utf8)
         - integer optimization (non-FPU) - most of the bloat in the
patch ;-)
Has there been any performance checks on the integer optimization?
Could it be faster on FPU machines?  I assume it /would/ be faster on
an intel XSCALE IX425... However I don't think I do much math inside
my proxy app.

Thomas Harning Jr.