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Chris Marrin wrote:
Given that there are millions of web pages in existance and Javascript is used on a large percentage of them (certainly much larger than ANY other language :-) I would have to call it a 600lb gorilla, if you're talking about scripting languages.

Most of this code is copy/paste, that doesn't mean there are so many people able to program it, beside stopping the right-click.

And if Lua syntax were "Javascript compatible" that would go a long way toward making an argument for it. As it is, using 'and' rather than '&&', '~=' rather than '!=' and '--' rather than '//' are just showstoppers.

Wow, it doesn't take you much to be stopped (no you, but other people in your company)... It is the sign of some rigid minds, sticking to minor details rather than overall principles.

It reminds me of the PoLS principle loved by Ruby fans: principle of least surprise. Meaning "let's adhere to C (or Perl) syntax and names as much as possible to ease the learning". That suppose most people learning Ruby have already a C/Perl(/PHP/Java/JavaScript/etc.) culture. Likely, given the popularity of these languages, but restrictive. What about Pascal, Basic, not to mention Lisp or non-programmers?

I found more difficult to adapt to some of the functional programming principles behind Lua, and I still don't use weak tables, coroutines, etc., that to learn the easy and descriptive syntax.

Philippe Lhoste
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