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Nicolas Cannasse a écrit :
I have been working in the past years on the Neko VM (
which share similar goals with Lua. I was interested in comparing the
different choices made by the two VM and how they can impact the
performances, so I wrote a comparison report available there :

I would like to get reviews and feedbacks from people that have been
working on Lua VM or have knowledge about its internals.

A subtle (?) way to advertise your language ;-)

Wow, your Neko looks aggressive! :-)
I mean, the one on the (nice) logo.
As everybody know, neko means cat in Japanese.

Sometime, I regret that strings in Lua are always immutable, but this can be worked around, either by creating a library to manage string buffers, or by pushing values in tables and concatenating them after (perhaps at the cost of a slight memory overhead).

Your FFI code might interest me. I know how to do this in Windows, thanks to indications given in this very list years ago, but I have nothing ready-made for callbacks. I have a vague idea how to manage them, but I am not sure how to pull arguments from the stack.
Will study your code...

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --