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On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, Chris Marrin wrote:


In other words, once you throw out all the things in Lua that are different from Javascript, you’ve no longer got Lua, you’ve got a Javascript subset.

Well, let's see. Lua has better GC and a faster interpreter. If the "Javascript subsetness" gives you those benefits, maybe it is the right tradeoff.

But I'm sorry. I always think something useful can come out of these exchanges. But there is a chasm between each and every scripting language which seems impossible to ever bridge. I'm sure we could be having this same conversation on the Python, Ruby and Perl forums - with the same conclusions.

The only conclusion I can draw from all this is that I need to stick to Apple's version of Javascript, which is good because that is what I have been doing! Maybe someday it will be as fast as Lua and you will all come begging to me to use it. And I will let you use it... for a price :-)

~Chris                       And now, an important message from Microsoft: "Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all"

I've stayed out of this thread because I have had nothing to add (and because I only just joined the list a week or so ago). But if I'm reading this last message of yours correctly you seem to be indicating that you thought you were engaging in useful discussion up until now when you seem to indicate that you feel that the lua camp is closing ranks and ignoring you because of this 'chasm' you spoke of. I would like to suggest that perhaps the problem here is what you seemed to be trying to achieve in this discussion versus what you think you were trying to achieve.

You might have been trying to open up dialog on what you perceive as the costs of luas "oddball" syntax but what it seemed like to me (and I'm assuming other people) was more of a statement to the effect that lua needs to get its act together and fix the syntax in order to 'make it' for some definition of 'make it'. You also seemed to not want to really listen to any arguments about the fact that syntax should be one of the more minor concerns to choice of development platform (though higher priority for end-user exposure). So take a look at this thread again please, before you go off in a huff and make sure it came out the way you meant it to.

Also think about what you hoped would happen as a result of this thread, since advocating for large wholesale changes to the existing syntax of a language is not exactly something that many people will jump on top of easily nor is it something that can easily just happen.


P.S. If I misunderstood your comments or your tone I apologize, I also apologize if I insulted anyone or misstated anyone it was inadvertent I assure you.