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On Sep 20, 2006, at 11:10 AM, Rici Lake wrote:

On 20-Sep-06, at 1:02 PM, Sam Roberts wrote:

Which is too bad, I use OS X, and I'd like to be able to script it with
lua. On the other hand, I'd rather learn js than applescript, so there
is some good news there.

Actually, AppleScript is a really interesting concept. You should give
it a try. I'm sorry to hear that Apple is phasing it out (something
I suspected).

Chris: so are they (you) going to provide reasonable hooks to make
applications _javascript_able the way they are currently applescriptable?
Is there some information publicly available somewhere?

Please don't use me as a source of (mis)information about AppleScript! I really know nothing about it. I just know that we have a big push to use _javascript_ in many visible places. Applications are scriptable because they use OSA:

    AppleScript Overview: Open Scripting Architecture

AppleScript is just one implementation of OSA. A third party makes a _javascript_ OSA plugin to allow this today:

    _javascript_ for the Macintosh

Will Apple build this in someday? I have no idea.

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