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A good point and one we all know well. But the sad fact remains that Lua's oddball syntax is what keeps it from having better penetration into corporate culture. This is perhaps only sad to me, because I want to use Lua, but I also want to work at Apple. And I'm afraid Lua has not yet come up with a paycheck for me :-)

I hardly agree that Lua's syntax is odd. On the other hand,
I believe that more people could use Lua if there was a way
to customize its syntax.

Efforts like the token filter are a step in that direction.
Wouldn't it be great if the community came up
with an efficient, elegant, and *standard* way of replacing
the Lua's parser and lexer to support the same concepts but with perhaps different syntax?

This would allow us to clone several different domain
specific languages, but have the Lua engine behind them.
The sky (or hell, perhaps) would be the limit.