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Please, no! No no no no no! Forums are awful --- they're slow, clunky,
dreadful from a usability issue, they force your users to go and get the
messages rather than delivering them to your users' inboxes...

Not if the forum is in Lua and served up in Xavante, even well written php
( runs amazinly fast for the web,... :)
Forums have evolved much from what you describe,.. RSS feeds take the messages
to you nowadays :)

Thats all probably true; but RSS is pretty tedious for that kind of thing. *iff* the forum has a means of delivering every message (and I mean every message, not just threads I started or subscribed to) to my email to be sorted along with everything else I subscribe to, *and* allow posts from me by simply replying to those emails, then I possibly wouldn't mind. Yahoo/Google group style things can do this, but they have their own set of issues.

I'm not particularly in favour of fracturing the lua community, but would be even less in favour of 'replacing' the list with a forum. If it must happen, keep it parallel like with the current icynorth one.

My vote would definitely be No.

Love, Light and Peace,
- Peter Loveday