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> Please, no! No no no no no! Forums are awful --- they're slow, clunky,
> dreadful from a usability issue, they force your users to go and get the
> messages rather than delivering them to your users' inboxes...

Not if the forum is in Lua and served up in Xavante, even well written php
( runs amazinly fast for the web,... :)
Forums have evolved much from what you describe,.. RSS feeds take the messages
to you nowadays :)

> If you absolutely must have a webforum-like interface, then try checking out
> the GMANE gateway to the mailing list:

I am using this right now it seemed adventurous to even get the first post,.. it
is getting easier buy the time,.. ( 'buy' is intentional: time is money )

 - Best Regards, George Petsagourakis