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I vote against, if it's a vote.

On Sep 17, 2006, at 4:14 PM, nusret wrote:

I vote for a forum and shutting down the mailing list.



--- Raymond Jacobs <> wrote:

I couldn't agree more about lua using a forum, I use
forums everyday
(such as and find them much easier than
the mailing list.

I don't particularly like my e-mail account
recording all of the lua
list interactions, it seems like a waste, since the
majority of things
I cannot answer and or aren't usefull to me which I
just need to
delete out of my inbox.

It would be better just to log onto the lua forums,
go into a specific
category, and just browse what problems people are
having, answer
some, or post one of your own.

plus, the ability to do a keyword search on existing
topics allows you
to easily seek already asked knowledge, I'm sure
there is a way to do
that with the mailing list, but I couldn't tell you

As for the icy north forums, I wen't there first
before joining the
list, the lua area on those forums are dead, lua
needs a well
advertized dedicated user forum.

I was both suprised and annoyed to find that lua
doesn't have a forum,
since it seems to be the de-facto for many other

-Raymond Jacobs
Ethereal Darkness Interactive

On 9/17/06, D Burgess <> wrote:
Can't help but agree.


David Given wrote:
George Petsagourakis wrote:
Why hasn't there been a forum set up to host
all this info and discussion?
There are certainly more abilities for the
posters and nothing less than the
mailing list,..

Please, no! No no no no no! Forums are awful ---
they're slow, clunky,
dreadful from a usability issue, they force your
users to go and get the
messages rather than delivering them to your
users' inboxes...

If you absolutely must have a webforum-like
interface, then try checking out
the GMANE gateway to the mailing list:

But please, let's keep the mailing list!

+- David Given --McQ-+ "Gaping from its single
obling socket was
|    | scintillating, many
fauceted scarlet emerald..."
| ( | --- Jim Theis, _The Eye
of Argon_ (spelling
+- --+ original)

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