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>> Anybody have any experience of it?
>> /Andreas Rönnquist

I bought it, as I was new to Lua and eager to read anything
about it.

It might be interesting, if you in fact are going to write
a game just like the presented. But beyond this I cannot
find much useful or general information.

The listings are partially rather long and present a
pretty basic Lua-style, not very specific to Lua,
mainly just assignments and function-calls.
Compared to the PIL-book (a must-buy!), where each
5-liner listing is a gem, this style doesn't give
any real insights.

I do not think that it meets your needs, if I got
them right.
What you need is a broad discussion of Lua in the
realm of desktop-applications/-frameworks.
Ashwin Hirschi had given an impressive talk at the
workshop in Venlo: he had developed a framework
'reflexis Lite' on windows, which is a thin wrapper
around the win32 api and which allows him to create
his programs almost completely in Lua (and allows
to have great fun with this, as he stated).
Unfortunatly closed source as of now.